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carpet design tips
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Here are some design tips from some of the greatest designers:


  • The most common mistake is trying to express too many ideas in a single solution. Design should appear effortless and natural. Focus and simplicity.
  • A house should not look too decorated ; instead, it should look collected.
  • Do not sacrifice comfort and livability to achieve a certain look.
  • Before you buy a particular piece, touch it, feel it and see its true condition.
  • Do not be afraid to use rich colors. Use them in rugs, fabrics or accessories or on the walls of a room you pass through, such as foyer or a hall.
  • Do not try to create a French or English period look in a contemporary building - always marry the design with the architecture of your home.
  • Be patient with the creative process. Hasty decisions often lead to disappointment.
  • Decide your concept, keep it simple and stick to it.