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The hand made Oriental area rug is not simply a work of art, but a journey in time and space to an ancient realm of beauty and mystical charm. No other art form bridges so many centuries, spans so many cultures and captivates so many people as that of an oriental rug. Iran, India, China, Pakistan, Turkey, Nepal, Afghanistan, Rumania, Russia, and Armenia are the countries from whose talented artisans come these truly exquisite creations.

From the famous Pazyrk rug discovered in a 2500 years old burial site, to the most contemporary utilizing modern designs, these woven treasures represent centuries of the most exquisite artistry and meticulous craftsmanship. And remarkably, the method of creations has remained relatively unchanged for over two millennia.

The process begins by shearing only the finest sheep’s wool, then washed free of lanolin. It is then carded to straighten the fibers, then spun. Next it is dyed in giant boiling vats as many as twenty times by master dyers, then hung to dry. Indeed, each part in the process is considered an art in itself.

Rug designs are inspired by the world surrounding the artisans, both contemporary and historic. Gardens, mountains, forests, shrines, hunting grounds and animals all play a part in the rug maker’s vision. Each design is reproduced to scale on a paper graph called “cartoon” from which the weavers construct the rug.

The weaver then begins a painstaking job of tying knots that will take months, if not years to complete. Using their design as a constant reference, the weaver builds the rugs from thousands, often times millions of individually tied knots made with the help of a loom to complete the masterpiece called “the hand made oriental rug”.

We hope that this information has served to stimulate your appreciation of this truly incredible art form and that you will further explore its vast treasures. In doing so, we are sure you will soon discover that beneath the beauty, elegance, craftsmanship and artistry, the oriental rug is an experience, a journey to another time and place, a captivating feast for the senses that lasts a life time and beyond.